April 25

Starting Again From Scratch….


After a 3 year break, I started doing strength training again last month.

With various health issues and body niggles to work around, it’s been a mental challenge,

And with a complete lack of fitness currently, it’s been a physical one too!

Here’s the most useful things I’ve learnt:

• If you’ve ever weight trained in the past, you’ll keep more strength than you think (this was a BIG relief 😅).

• It’s amazing what half an hour away from the rest of your life does for your headspace (I hope everyone already knows this, but if you’re not actually doing it, consider this another gentle reminder).

• Comparing to anything else you used to be able to do, or anyone else you know, is pointless and won’t get you anywhere (this is one I need to remind myself of daily).

• Having an accountability buddy, a coach, or being lucky enough to have @sophiejenkinsonfitness ask you EVERY time you see her when you’re next training, will make a massive difference to your consistency, and therefore your progress. 😉

• Find something you enjoy. I forgot how much I love weight training, and I finish every session feeling glad that I’ve done it. Not being able to use the gym for the last few years felt rubbish for a while, and then became the norm – now I’m back at it, I appreciate it more and it’s all the more enjoyable.

If you feel like you’re starting from scratch in the gym (or you really are starting from scratch having never tried it before) – go and give it a go.

I probably could have started back sooner if I hadn’t been worrying over how rubbish it would feel, and all that really did was delay the results I’m starting to see now!

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