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Online PT – Lauren


I get a lot of questions on what Online PT actually is. Everyone offers it differently, and it’s hard to know whether it will suit you or if you’d be better off with an in-person coach. Since I offer both, it can  be even more confusing! So, here’s a write-up of a chat I had with one of my clients, Lauren.

What Made You Get Started In The First Place?

I just felt stuck. Work and family were taking up all my time, and there was no time for myself. I didn’t feel like I was looking after myself and I didn’t know where to start.

How Did You Find Your First Week?

Honestly? A bit overwhelming! I had thought I’d just be sent a workout every few days, but in that first week I was able to log into your Members Area and see all the Downloads, I had the App to register for so I could see my workout programme, and the email series on Nutrition and Mindset started. It was a lot to take in (which you had warned me about, in fairness)! But, the thing it made me realise was the value of what I’d signed up for. I can honestly say it’s a service that deserves the price tag – and having a Coaching Call really helped me get some direction and know what to focus on each week.

What Did You Expect From Online PT?

I had tried some Apps and YouTube things before, and I thought it would give me the kick I needed to get started with something. I was never planning on sticking round for more than a few months, I just thought it would be the next thing to try until I got bored. I hate gyms, so it seemed like a good way of getting fitter and healthier without having to go to one.

What Results Have You Achieved So Far?

I wanted to lose around a stone, and just feel more comfortable in my clothes. In my first 8 weeks I lost that stone and 2 dress sizes, and although that’s what I was hoping for I didn’t really expect to actually achieve it! The main thing I’ve found though is my confidence increasing. I never would have set foot in a gym before, but actually doing workouts at home and using some dumbbells has given me the confidence to now join a gym and feel comfortable that I know enough about what I’m doing. Having the App to follow definitely helps – I’m not wandering aimlessly, I go in with a plan, get it done and leave feeling great.

How Much Time Does It Take Up Each Week?

I started out with 3 home workouts a week, and I’m now doing 2 a week (1 at home, 1 at the gym).  They’re around 45 minutes long, but sometime I only get the first 30 minutes done depending how my week is going. I didn’t think that would be enough, but it’s working for me and it’s realistic on top of a hectic family and work life! We’ve also had our Coaching Call every 1-2 weeks – sometimes it’s 10 minutes and sometimes it’s half an hour, just depending how my week’s going. I try to log into the Members Area after those calls and watch a Mindset Video or use whatever you’ve signposted me to that week. That really helps with direction and just keeping my motivation going.

What Would You Say To Someone Thinking About Trying It?

Just book in for a chat with Sally first and go from there. I couldn’t decide between in-person and online coaching at first, and that initial chat just really helped me work out what I actually wanted, what I needed, and what would be realistic. I really felt like I was starting from scratch and having a PT just seemed a bit extreme – but it wasn’t what I expected at all. It’s been a really helpful process, and it’s now just something that I do as part of my routine – I think a big part of that is just that we got on from the start, so having that first call with you made everything a bit simpler and clearer for me.

Is There Anything Else You Want To Add?

I guess just that there’s not as much pressure as I expected. I thought having a PT was very rigid, and that just wasn’t going to work for me in real life. Some weeks I just get the workouts done, some weeks I focus on nutrition, but having that support there from you is something I’d really underestimated.


If you’ve got questions or you’re ready to take the next step, you can find out more here:

Book a Free Coaching Call: http://www.calendly.com/sallyecclesfitness/coaching-call

For Online Training info: https://sallyecclesfitness.co.uk/online-pt/

For Personal Training (Sheffield) info: https://sallyecclesfitness.co.uk/in-person-personal-training/


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