February 12

There’s No Finish Line With Health & Fitness


For most of us, health & fitness is not a competition.

If you keep showing up, you’ll keep feeling the benefits.

It’s not a race, so take some pressure off.

You’ll always need to prioritise your health if you want the best out of life.

If you can flip your mindset and stop looking for short term results, those longterm results will come into focus.

Things like:

✨ Waking up each day refreshed with energy

✨ Feeling strong enough to say yes to new fun things

✨ Being able to enjoy meals out and events without feeling guilty about the food and drink

✨ Staying free of aches and pains (and not saying things like “I’m just getting old now”)

If you take the pressure off yourself, but find a way to make fitness a part of your regular routine, it can become something you enjoy, something that reduces the stress in your life, and something with so many more benefits than just physical.

I know that’s easier said than done, but seeing it as a slog or something that you’ll never be as good at as your friends (or those gym bunnies you see everywhere in their active wear), won’t get you any fitter or healthier.

If you could do with some accountability for regular exercise, without the pressure or guilt that you so often feel, drop me a message and let’s have a chat – I’d love to help you 🙂


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