February 17

The Secret To Weight Loss


I’ve helped hundreds of women lose weight over the years, so what’s the real secret to success?

💡 A shift in focus 💡

Shifting your focus from a number on the scales to what you’re actually craving – that’s where the progress lies.
💡 That craving or desire is usually the emotional or physical change that comes from losing the weight 💡
Unless you’re a boxer or diabetic, you don’t have to weigh a specific number.
Seeing a different number on the scales doesn’t actually mean anything in real life.
If I told you you could weigh exactly what you weigh now but feel:
✅ Comfortable in your clothes
✅ Confident in any situation
✅ Fit enough to take up whatever opportunity comes your way
✅ Energetic when you wake up in the morning
✅ Able to run around after your kids or crawl round on the floor with grandkids
Would you take it?
People think that the number on the scales is the problem, and I completely understand why.
But 10 times out of 10 when my clients shift their focus from that number on the scales to what they’re really looking for, the weight loss happens as a byproduct and stops being the issue.
Are you ready to focus on yourself?
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