December 30

Stop Trying To Do It Perfectly


Ever spent ages putting something off because you don’t have time to do it perfectly?
Tiny changes really can add up to make a big difference.
Doing a few small things to improve consistently for a number of weeks will get your further than 1 perfect week here or there.

Life will always get in the way, so stop chasing perfect, and start working out what you can do today that will make you feel better than yesterday!

Doing a small thing consistently will make a huge difference over time.

As opposed to making a drastic change that you can’t stick to, so you end up back at square one soon enough.

Consistency will always bring results.

Doing 5 HIIT classes in a week, only to do nothing for the next 3 weeks won’t do anything for your health or fitness.

Going for a walk 3 days out of 7 regardless of the weather – that will make you a healthier human.

We need to find the smallest change you can make, and make sure you can do it consistently.

If you can’t keep it up, then we need to make it even smaller and more manageable until you can!

It’s easy to feel like you’re not doing enough, but if you can start with small changes and build them up, you’ll achieve way more than if you start-stop the drastic ones!


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