February 5

Stop Looking For The BEST Exercise


Do you get caught up looking for the ‘best’ exercise programme or the perfect routine?

Do you worry that if you start a new programme and it’s not the right one for you, you’ll be wasting your time?

There are always going to be promises of the best workout for this or that, or the best routine for solving all your problems.

But the truth is, there’s no such thing as ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ when it comes to health and fitness.

If you’re doing nothing just now, then starting SOMETHING will lead to a 100% improvement.

So many women are so worried about doing the wrong thing, that they end up doing nothing.

That does us no favours in the long run.

There will always be ways to improve what you’re doing or enhance your results – but they’re only worthwhile to us if we’ve found something already that:

💫We can show up for regularly

💫We enjoy, and actually want to do more of

💫Leaves us feeling better than before we did it

💫We can realistically keep doing (because if we can’t, there’s no point in trying to add to it!)

Forget about what you’ve read about the ‘best workout for X’ or the ‘perfect routine to achieve Y’

What do you feel able to do, and motivated to try?

Start there.

This is what I help women with every day of the week – so if you’re looking to fit some regular exercise into your life that leaves you feeling more energised, more empowered, and in control of your health and fitness, drop me a message and let’s have a chat 🙂


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