March 28

Forget The Results You Want – What Do You NEED?


Most people come to me looking to get thinner, leaner, more toned, etc etc.

And that’s absolutely something I can help with – pretty quickly if you’re willing to put the work in too.


I like to help more than that.

I like to know WHY you actually want to do those things – what do you think those results are going to give you?

If we know the real reason behind you wanting to change, we can make sure you not only get results, but KEEP them too. No more Yo-Yo-ing!

Lucy came to me looking for a meal plan and a gym routine that would leave her feeling tired and sweaty.

I asked her why.

We soon realised that she was feeling:

  • Tired
  • Stressed
  • Low on energy
  • Stiff in her joints
  • Low on confidence

Worse than that, she’d try and eat healthily during the week, then feel like a failure if she had a treat at the weekend.

Now, I’m pleased to say we came to a compromise.

She’d come to me because she wanted to lose some weight and eat more healthily – so we made sure she achieved that in a matter of weeks.

Much more importantly though, we looked at ways to giver he what she needed to enjoy life more too.

Here’s what she has to say of the last 3 months:

“I signed up because I was so tired of feeling overweight and uncomfortable in my clothes. I thought I just needed a boost, to get the scale weight down and then I’d be happy. Sally helped me realise pretty quickly that there were far more benefits I could get from regular exercise and a balanced diet. I didn’t realise how much of what I was feeling was actually from years of putting everyone else’s needs before mine and not looking after myself properly.

I’ve tried every diet you can think of, I’ve done all the classes at the gym – the thing that’s actually finally made everything click is working with a PT who understands me. I have lost weight and toned up and achieved all the things I thought I was looking for – but I also have more energy, more confidence, I’m less stressed and I feel in control. I don’t feel guilty about eating certain foods, I’m not Yo-Yo-ing from diet to diet. I’m building habits that I know I can stick with, and I’m excited to see what I can achieve over the rest of the year.”


I’m so proud of Lucy and everything she’s achieved in just 12 weeks.

It’s not my job just to write exercise programmes or tell you what to eat.

I’m here to support you, to help you work out what you REALLY want from training & nutrition, and to make sure you can achieve it all in a realistic way.

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