January 17

Reframing Big Weekends



There’s an unhealthy habit going around of ‘making up for’ a big weekend of enjoyment.

If you over-eat or over-drink at the weekend, whether you’re trying to lose some weight or just be healthier, let’s look at reframing the situation – not trying to undo it like it was a terrible thing.

Firstly, instead of looking at individual days as ‘good or bad’ – look at your weekly averages.

Your results are the sum of your averages.

Last week, on the whole, on average, did you move closer to your goal or further away?

One indulgent night out of 7 doesn’t stop you from being healthier (particularly if it used to be 3 nights out of 7, for example).

You need to live your life.

Stop and think about how you want to do that.

If you like going out with friends, enjoying your meals, eating desserts and drinking – don’t go through life feeling guilty for it.

You can still be healthy, lose weight, get fitter, get stronger or reach whatever your goal is, without sacrificing the good moments.

Don’t try and undo a moment that you enjoyed by suffering in the days before or after.

This generally takes some forward planning, and it’s usually the habit of a lifetime so don’t expect it to disappear overnight.

But, with the right planning, support and a bit of focus, you can have your cake and eat it too.

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