December 21

Progress Without The Scales


If the scales are the only reason you’re going to put effort into health and fitness, there’s a good chance you won’t continue long enough to see results.

Think about the real reasons….

  • Setting an example for your kids?
  • Keeping up with grandkids?
  • Living longer?
  • Being pain-free?
  • Staying illness-free?
  • Being  happier?
  • More confidence?

There are a million reasons other than an arbitrary number on the scales, they’re sometimes just a bit too daunting to say out loud.

Health & fitness doesn’t need to be as complicated as it sounds though – find your real motivation and use it.

You’ll stay focussed longer, see results quicker and you’re more likely to show up on a tough day too.


Most of my clients keep an eye on other things like

  • Measurements
  • Clothes
  • Photos (just for them to see)
  • Mood
  • Energy levels
  • Activity levels
  • Habits

If the scales make you miserable, consider some of these options instead.

There are so many ways to measure progress, without having to look at numbers or over-complicate things.

Stop and think about why you want your results.

Will seeing a smaller number on the scales actually change anything?

Or do you want to feel stronger/more confident/more comfortable/more energised/healthier etc?

A number on the scales often isn’t enough motivation to get you there

Work out your ‘why’ and use that to drive you there 🙌

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