Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching
Designed Just For You

Completely flexible around your busy life, I'll show you how to get stronger, fitter and healthier without turning your life upside down

I'll Help You Feel Like You Again

I tailor my Training Plans so you can have a clear pathway to success in the most efficient way possible. If you've spent years yo-yo-ing from one diet to the next and wondering why some work and some don't, I can help you cut through the noise and find the right solution for you.

I Listen

We'll always start with a chat, so I can get to know what you want, understand what you need and show you how to get there.

Energising Workouts

I'll write you a programme that will guarantee you results. You'll be able to access your own workouts 24/7, tailored just for YOU.


End the frustration of being on a diet - stop labelling foods as 'good or bad' - no magic potions, tricks or hacks.  Nutrition is overwhelming - I'll make it simple for you.


I'll be there every step of the way to help you and make sure you're on track.  With unlimited support, I'm always on-hand.

Your Needs

I have a Members Area full of resources - I match those resources to your needs and signpost you to the ones that will help you most each week.

Enjoy The Process!

We both know you won't stick to something you don't enjoy. It's my job to write a plan that you can stick to so you see life changing results and keep them for good.

Success Stories

Here’s what my clients say about PT with me


"It's great to be getting stronger without worrying about injuring myself"

I'm not a massive fan of exercise - with Sally an hour flies by and I look forward to it - genuinely feel like I'm cheating the workout system somehow!


"I already feel so much happier with my body and energy levels"

Sally is so knowledgeable and supportive, while still pushing you to be your best.

The workouts are so easy to follow, it keeps you really motivated.


"It's taken the pressure off"

I used to feel like I should do more and more, then burn out.

I now know what to prioritise - it's the perfect balance for me, so I can still enjoy my life without feeling guilty or worrying about my health.

Book a call to see how I can help you

About Sally Eccles

I've been a Personal Trainer for 10 years, I'm a  Certified Nutritionist and I specialise in women's health (particularly Pre & Postnatal and Menopause).

I help women take some time for themselves to feel better, and as a by-product they usually end up looking better too.

I don't sell programmes where you "get your abs back in 10 days". I work with you to set realistic expectations and goals around exercise and food, so that you can use your mental energy on everything else going on around you.

Pricing Plan

Online PT

Accessed 24/7 through my App, and tailored just for you



  • Workouts that guarantee you results, and suit your individual needs
  • 1:1 Coaching Calls regularly, keeping you accountable every step of the way
  • Unlimited Support, you'll  have me in your corner so you know what you're doing is right for you
  • Tailored Nutrition Coaching - no more fad diets or guessing games

Don’t wait! You'll always be busy. The best time is now.

Asked Questions

Where do in-person sessions take place?

I see all my 1:1 and Hybrid clients in my private garden studio near Woodseats Road, S8.  We'll have the whole studio to ourselves, so there's no audience and no egos.  


Do I need equipment or a gym membership?


Whether you're training with me Online, In-Person or a mix of both, you'll see results sooner if you have your own home equipment or a gym membership.  But it's definitely not essential, and it's something we can decide together based on your goals and what's realistic for you. 

If you have a gym membership and the time to use it, we'll take advantage of that. If you have no equipment and no time, your plan will have shorter bodyweight workouts, and we'll probably focus on nutrition more.

There's no right or wrong, and there are hundreds of ways to get you results. It's my job to help you find the best way for YOU.


Will you give me a meal plan?

Typically, when a nutritionist provides a meal plan, it's rare that it's followed.  I know it seems easier to be told what to eat and just stick with that, but what happens when you fancy something else or you're out for an unexpected meal?

What I do have in the Members Area of my website is Example Meal Plans. You can use these as a guide if you want to, and you can adapt them to your likes and dislikes. There's also recipe books and loads of other resources to download, so you can build longterm habits that are flexible enough to fit your lifestyle.

What if I don't enjoy it?

If you don't enjoy your workouts, I'll change them. There are so many different methods when it comes to fitness (that's why it's so overwhelming to find the right thing for you!)

If you enjoy something you'll stick to it. If you stick with something consistently, you'll make progress and see results. It's my job to make sure you enjoy the process - all I ask is for open and honest communication so that we're both on the same page and I can support you as much as possible.