January 13

No Pain No Gain?


One thing that really winds me up?

When someone tells me how good their workout must have been because they ached for days.

I generally want to scream at them “Nope, but your recovery was rubbish!”

It’s not a badge of honour to have your body scream at you to be cared for.

Yes, your muscles will undergo some damage in order to get stronger, and you might feel a bit tender.

But aching and hobbling around?

That’s your body telling you it needs more protein, better nutrients, and that you might have overdone it.

How about instead we use these markers:

  • Did you improve on something in today’s workout versus the last one? (More reps, more time, more weight etc)
  • Did you enjoy your workout?
  • Did you feel better after it than before?
  • Did you eat some carbs and protein before/after to help fuel your body and let it recover well?
  • Are you getting a good amount of quality sleep at the moment so your body is well rested and functioning optimally?

I know they don’t sound as hardcore, but these are the things I ask my clients to look out for.


Because these things lead to both consistency and results!

They’re not as exciting, and not what you’ll hear people bragging about, but they’re the things that make the difference.

If you’re going to put in the effort, make sure you’re going to get the results you’re looking for.

If you’re struggling to work out which bits of advice you should be listening to, let me help you!

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