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New Year Goals? Read This…


New Year Goals? Read This


So, it’s that time of year. If you have New Year Resolutions that you really want to achieve, here’s what I’d do about them…

If I heat an ice cube from minus 10 to 0 degrees, nothing happens. It’ll look exactly the same.

Heat it 1 more degree though, from 0-1, and it’ll start to melt.

It’ll completely change in an instant.

Ever seen a friend who’s been trying to lose weight for ages completely change overnight?

This is what happens when you focus on being just a bit healthier each day.

It might not feel like you’re making a huge difference by having a couple less takeaways each week, or a thousand extra steps each day.

But, you’re building foundations there that will add up.

We all know someone who’s dropped 5lbs in a week, but did they keep it up? How did they feel? Were they any happier or healthier a few months later?

Whatever your goal is for this year, try and think about what you need to do to get there, not just the goal itself.

If you want to get healthier, what are 5 things you think of when you think of a healthy person?

Start doing those. You might not see a drastic change, but I guarantee you’ll make more progress in the long run, and it won’t take much time out your day or turn your whole life upside down.

If you’re working towards new goals for the year, keep that in mind.

Habits add up, and they’re much easier to keep track of than a big goal that feels far away.

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