January 29

Motivation Hack: Flip Your Mindset


The biggest shift I see in client’s mindsets?

When they flip from focusing purely on how they look (or what the scales say) to just thinking about how they want to feel.

I know I know – you have goals that involve a specific outcome, like being a certain weight or a certain clothes size.

The truth is, you’ll have a better chance of achieving those goals if you enjoy the process.  In order to reach the next mile stone, we need to take action.  Taking actions that make us FEEL good will make the whole process easier, more enjoyable and you’ll stay more motivated throughout.

How does this sound:

🎉 Doing exercise because you enjoy it
(and making your relationship with exercise much more positive in the process).

🎉 Becoming more competent and confident
(true confidence comes from feeling stronger and more capable, and that’s pretty much guaranteed with the right type of strength training).

🎉 Feeling more connected through body and mind
(moving in a way that leaves you feeling like you’re really looking after yourself and giving your body what it needs – for both physical and mental health).

🎉 Starting to see food as a way to fuel yourself and nourish your body
(leading to more energy and more enjoyment).

🎉 Less worrying about other people’s standards and focusing on your own
(unlocking even more energy to enjoy real life with).

The beauty is that this doesn’t actually have take very long, we just need to get started, put some simple goals in place, and begin taking action.

If it sounds like an approach you need, drop me a message – I’d love to help you flip your mindset and see how much better you feel in a few months time 😃


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