October 27

How To Avoid Always Being On A Diet


So you’ve been working really hard, feeling motivated and seeing your progress tick along nicely.

Then, all of a sudden you have a few busy days or a night out and you’re off the wagon, back to Square One.

Sound familiar?

Most of my clients use the same mindset strategy to overcome this.

Because let’s face it, you don’t want to be on a diet all the time.

You don’t want to be the ‘boring’ one at the meal out avoiding the tasty stuff and drinking water.

You don’t want to miss out on fun events.

You don’t want to set that example for you kids either.

So how do you avoid undoing all your hard work when life comes along and gets in the way?

Sit down for 5 minutes and look at your diary.

Simple, right?

Which weeks can you put a lot of effort in on?

These are your Boost weeks.

Maybe the weeks running up to a holiday or a wedding, when you want to see your results most.

Which weeks just look like a write off?

These are your Coast weeks.

Weeks that you know you won’t have the extra energy or mental capacity or willpower to put extra effort into.


Boost Weeks:

For example if your goal is fat loss, we might put some extra accountability into this week to make sure you’re staying on track, we might drop calories a bit lower or lose a couple of takeaways so we see that extra drop on the scales. Whatever fat loss strategies work best for you, we’ll really go for them this week.

Coast Weeks:

We’ll just look to maintain your progress. Get the bare minimum done.

It’s a lot of mental energy to stay in a calorie deficit or hit 10,000 steps a day or 3 workouts a week etc etc

Everyone needs some time off here and there – and Coast weeks allow you do that guilt-free.

It’s real life, and there’s no need to beat yourself up about it.

I work on healthy habits with all my clients – the behaviours that we can put in place that help them reach their goals, without having to think too much about them.

They really come into play in Coast weeks, because even though they might not be having an extra Boost towards their goals, they’re still not back at Square One either.

Good consistent progress comes down to your mindset – and having Boost and Coast weeks is just one of the many mindset tools I use with my clients to make sure they get results, and keep them for the long term!


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