November 24

Menopause: How To Thrive


For years I’ve had clients suffering through the menopause.

It’s inevitable that all women will go through it, so how can we turn things round and make sure we thrive through it instead?

Vicky has agreed to share her story here, hopefully it’ll help others going through a similar time.

Vicky came to me because she had gained weight throughout peri-menopause.

It’s really common for women to gain body fat at this time – and the drop in oestrogen levels mean it’s usually stored around our middle.

We sat down to talk and soon realised it wasn’t just fat loss she was looking for.

Her main symptoms included:

  • Hot flushes
  • Trouble staying asleep
  • Mood swings
  • Higher stress levels
  • Higher anxiety levels
  • General apathy

It took a lot of effort for Vicky to come and see me in the first place, but I’m pleased to say she stuck with it and is now feeling a whole load better!

We can’t avoid the menopause or its symptoms, but here’s what she did to take control of the situation and her overall health:

  • One PT session a week with me. That’s one hour where she doesn’t have to be anywhere else or do anything for other people. It’s a full 60 minutes just for her. We usually focus on some mobility, and some gentle weight training to keep her bone density high (another risk factor in menopause). Vicky hates running so we keep it low impact – the more she enjoys it, the more benefits she’ll get from it.


  • One Yoga or Pilates session at home each week.  All my clients have access to an App called Session X – I set Vicky one session to complete on there each week. Usually it’s Yoga or Pilates, sometimes if she’s really stressed it’ll be a Guided Meditation or a mobility session for a specific body part.


  • Reduced alcohol and caffeine. We haven’t cut these out completely (everyone has to live!) but having no more caffeine after around 2pm has made a big difference to Vicky’s sleeping pattern. Sleep is so important for your body, and the difference it makes to your metabolism, your mood and you overall mental health is huge.  Likewise with alcohol, Vicky doesn’t sleep as well on nights she drinks. So, we limit wine to a couple of times a week, and reduce the calories on special occasions by switching to drinks like G&T so she can still enjoy herself without worrying about undoing the progress she’s made with fat loss.


  • Nutrition changes. We’ve made some simple changes to reduce overall calories so Vicky doesn’t feel so sluggish. We’re also making sure she gets a good balance of nutrients over the course of a week – plenty of protein, veg, water – the basics really do work!


Honestly, that’s about it.

That’s been enough effort for Vicky to get going with, and a manageable amount to keep going with.

If you’re looking for help understanding menopause or peri-menopause, you can download my Free EBook here.

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