Discover How To THRIVE through the menopause!

It's an inevitable change in every woman's life, and yet there's so much that isn't common knowledge.

Find out everything you need to know with my free Menopause Manual.


What My Clients Say

“I was finding the effects of menopause really overwhelming, but moving more and improving my nutrition has made a massive difference”


" I always found gyms intimidating but I was worried about my bone density - having a coach has been perfect for improving my confidence"



What’s Inside the Book?

Symptoms To Look Out For

There are over 30 different symptoms in peri-menopause and menopause.

So often I speak to clients who have had symptoms for far longer than they realise!

Learn what to look out for, and more importantly, what you can do to manage each symptom.

Simple Things You Can Do

There's an overwhelming amount of advice out there, and it gets confusing knowing what you should listen to or where you should start.

I break it down and make it simple - learn what you can start doing today, why it works, and take control.

Embracing The Change

This stage of life can last for up to 12 years - rather than letting it define us, let's be proactive and manage it as well as possible.

There's lots of stigma around menopause but it's an inevitable transition - time to embrace it and live your life for you!

About the Author

Sally Eccles

I've been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years, I'm a  Certified Nutritionist and I specialise in women's health (particularly Pre & Postnatal and Menopause).

I make strength training and nutrition simple for women who feel overwhelmed.  I don't sell programmes where you "get your abs back in 10 days" and I don't post "before and after" pictures.

I work with you to set realistic expectations and goals around exercise and food, so that you can make them a part of real life and use your mental energy on everything else going on around you.

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