December 18

It’s The Season To Be Jolly – Not Guilty!


Stressing about the festive season ahead?

This is a really triggering time of year for a lot of people, and it’s easy to feel panicked about food, drink and all the activity you probably won’t be doing.

My advice? Stop stressing.

There’s a whole new year ahead, and I think it’s safe to say we all want it to be better than 2021.

So let’s work on that in 2022.

If you’re exhausted by this year, let’s not make it any harder on yourself.

Try and keep moving – I know walks in the fresh air have kept me sane this year – but really, depriving yourself of Chocolate Oranges or Mulled Wine this next couple of weeks isn’t going to make a big difference to what you achieve next year!

Skip the food guilt this year – it’s been another weird one, and we all deserve some slack!

You don’t need to diet over the next couple of weeks – eat, drink and be merry!

Relax and enjoy it – don’t stress about it.


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