May 10

Giving 100% vs 20%


Are you aiming for 100% when 20% would do?
Aiming for 100% more all the time is near-impossible.
It’s what I hear most new clients say they’re going to do, and it’s the thing that causes them to ‘fall off the wagon’ most often too.
If you’re doing no training just now, and want to start at 5x a week – that’s a 500% increase. Ouch!
The reality is, most people don’t have time for that.
But the good news is, you don’t need to.
What if I said you could feel:
• 20% more energy
• 20% more in control
• 20% less tired
• 20% less stressed
in return for 30-60minutes per week?
Or what if we look at it in reverse – if you don’t do anything between now and next month, could you end up feeling 20% worse off on all those things?
If you could use some focus and direction to find that 20% improvement on where you’re at now, just drop me a message or book in a free coaching call.
It doesn’t have to be as hard as you think – we just need to make a start.
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