December 8

Common Pitfalls To Progress


The second step is to work out WHY you’re doing it – if you don’t know that, it’ll be a cycle that repeats itself.

Thinking about that ‘why’ is probably a bit too deep for a single blog article – the important thing is to focus on why you’re trying to achieve the results that you’re putting all this effort in for.

Ultimately, you want to be happier, more comfortable or feel better in some way.

And, you deserve to – remember that!

Ask them for their support.

Help them see that you’re happy with your decisions, you’re still there to have a great time with them, and that you’d appreciate them respecting that.

Make it clear you’re not asking anyone else to change their ways, just to support you when you’re trying to change yours.

If you don’t enjoy the training you’re doing or the foods that you’re eating, you’re not going to stick with them.

When you stick with something, you build momentum.

Once you start building momentum, you’ll start to see results.

Once you see results, you’ll have even more momentum.

This is the easiest and best way to get results and keep them for the longterm!

But it all starts with enjoyment.

That’s the key ingredient.

So, if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing – we need to find something that you DO enjoy!

I know that’s easier said than done, but that’s where the importance of a good Coach comes in.

Maybe your circumstances have changed, maybe it started out fun and now it’s boring, maybe your progress has stalled and that’s caused a dip in your motivation.

Whatever it is, it can be solved.


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