October 29

Client Spotlight: Kirsty – Mum of 2


⭐️Client Spotlight⭐️


Meet Kirsty.

Kirsty started personal training 4 years ago. When we first sat down for our initial consultation, she told me she had been a member of 3 different gyms but had never quite felt like she belonged to them. She’d join, go for a month, lose motivation and stop going.

Her eating habits were what she described as “erratic”.

She’d try one diet after another in the hope of finding one that worked. And most of them did work – they just never worked for the long term.

Add 2 kids in quick succession to that list and her body just didn’t feel like her own any more.

Kirsty used to do a 1to1 session with me each week, and built up to doing a couple on her own in the gym too. It’s been fantastic to see that confidence build over time!

During lockdown, we managed some walks in the park for a chinwag and she followed home workouts on my app on those days where she just doesn’t make it out the house on her own.

Down time isn’t something she gets much of – she has 2 young kids, a part time job (which is really a full time job crammed into part time hours so she can see more of her kids) and her husband works shifts, so down time isn’t easy to find!

I’m so proud of what Kirsty’s achieved in the time I’ve known her. She’s

  • Reduced those niggles left over from pregnancy
  • Got a boat load more confidence
  • As a by-product from taking this time to herself each week she’s back in her favourite pair of jeans too.

A lot of her progress is down to habit changes as opposed to anything drastic – if you want to try implementing some of the things she’s done, download my Key To Healthy Fat Loss!


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