December 10

Client Spotlight: Jane (Not A Fitness Freak)



Jane doesn’t have a ‘before and after’ photo.

The scales haven’t changed by any huge number since she started.

She’s not counted every calorie.

She’s not a fitness freak, and that’s fine by her.

What has changed?

  • She’s stronger
  • She’s more confident
  • She feels better
  • Her mood is better
  • She has more energy
  • She can say yes to more things
  • She doesn’t struggle up hills or stairs

What keeps her going?

Purely that she loves being able to do all these every day things with less effort.

She knows what will happen if she doesn’t keep up with a few simple habits we’ve put in place.

It doesn’t need to take over your life to improve it drastically.

Progress like Jane’s isn’t shared often enough by Personal Trainers.

But, she’s just the type of client I see the most of.

‘Transforming your body’ might sound great, but it also doesn’t sound that achievable to most people.

It can sound scary and overwhelming.

When, in real life, 99% of people would be over the moon with results like Jane’s.

So, stop worrying about overhauling your whole diet and lifestyle.

Start doing what you can to make today better than yesterday.


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